Gas Detection / Toxic & Oxygen Gas Detection


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General Overview

ESP model SSS-903 is a gas detector designed to detect combustible and toxic gases. The SSS-903 detector consists of a transmitter SSS and plug-in PGU modules with the following sensors: Electrochemical/Infrared/PID/Catalytic. The detector is SIL-2 certified.

The SSS-903 is state-of the-art point gas detector with local display. It can be configured to monitor up to two sensors directly connected or remotely installed up to a separating distance of 500 ft. For combustible detection, it can use a plug-in sensor that is either IR (Infrared) or a catalytic bead type.

The SSS-903 makes the calibration process easy and seamless with on-site non-intrusive calibration via local display or using HART hand held device. The event log stored in on-board memory allows it to maintain calibration records and diagnostics.

Transmitter SSS is the universal one-channel threshold unit intended for visualization of gas signals values receiving from plug-in gas transducers. Transmitter SSS has following output signals: 3 threshold relays and 1 “fault” relay, digital output (RS-485) and analog output 4-20 mA.

Transmitter of SSS body is made from stainless steel SS 316 or aluminum.

  • Drilling and production platforms
  • Offshore & FPSO Platforms
  • Shipping tankers, freighters, and other vessels
  • Fuel loading facilities
  • CNG Filling Stations
  • Refineries, bulk terminals, and tank farms
  • LNG/LPG processing and storage facilities
  • Compressor stations and pipeline facilities
  • Petrochemical, paint, and fertilizer plants
  • Power plants
  • Gas turbine facilities
  • Transportation facilities (airports and subways)
  • Oil and gas fired boilers / furnaces
  • Environmental regulation monitoring

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