Research & Design

Research & Developemetn is at the heart of ESP’s sucess story. We ensure to continually improve our offering as wel as bring new product and services to our partners.

We believe that the birth place of new products are activities to address challenges faced by our customers, so we actively work with a whole-hearted devotion to staying in direct contact with our partners to understand their needs and problems, and make sure to provide the best possible solution.

The primary role of ESP’s R&D team is to decide the technical direction that should be taken, and through R&D, to provide leading-edge technologies that will spawn new business opportunities, address existing customer needs, and provide the latest technology to our current and potential customers.

When planning the We technological strategy emphasize international standardization while considering the strategic development of any product. We believe that internationally certified technology will significantly increase value for customers, so we have been focusing on standardizing technology and ensuring its interoperability. In strategic fields, we strive to ensure that the values delivered by the new international standards we propose will increase our own global competitiveness.

ESP has an in house laboratory equipped with all the latest techology and mimicks an IEC testing facility. This helps us quickly and continiously test our products to ensure adherence to the strictest intetrnational safety and functional norms. Our team is also in close contact with international certification agencies to ensure that our laboratory stays up to date, as well as our teams knowledge of the latest standards and proposed developments.

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