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General Overview

Echo monitors liquid (water) and solid particles in gas flow and solid (sand) particles in oil pipeline. Employing ultrasonic technology Echo detects the acoustic noise generated by sand and other particles when they collide into the walls of pipeline and notify operator if their concentration reaches above safe level.

Being the next generation of smart instruments Echo uses digital signal processing algorithms to provide real time data to operator. The device can be easily integrated into any system via digital or analog interfaces or wireless.

The Echo Particle Monitor developed by ESP is based on cutting edge technology. It provides data which enables the customer to maximize the potential of the facility by giving real time data and enabling to make swift decisions based on the data

The sand detector is based on the ultrasonic acoustic principle, which picks up the noise generated by particle flow at the time of impact on the inner wall of the pipe. This noise is subsequently processed in the onboard digital processing unit and transmitted to the system via means of 4-20mA, RS-485, HART and if required relays also.

Based on real time measuring the detector provides the ultimate benefit to the operator for visualizing and quantifying sand or particle production.

The Echo detector also possesses an in built self diagnostic function.

  • Well and Asset Performance Optimization
  • Well Testing
  • Establishing and maintaining MSFR (Maximum Sand Free Rate)
  • Establishing the MASR (Maximum Acceptable Sand Free Rate)
  • Used in Integrated Asset Operating systems
  • Monitoring of sand screen integrity


Locations for installation:

  • Onshore and Offshore application
  • Sand Handling Packages
  • All types of Oil and Gas wells

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