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General Overview

The FIREAIM Fire and Gas System (f&g) has a SIL-3 certified architecture and is designed to protect the plant personnel and equipment from hazardous conditions such as fire and dangerous gases.

The system monitors areas where fire or flammable gases potential build-up may occur, detects hazardous events such as fire as well as it alerts personnel, and initiates timely actions in order to prevent or minimize the consequences of critical events.

The FIREAIM F&G System communicates with input devices (detectors) and can interface with an emergency shutdown system (ESD) to initiate an automatic shutdown. The system can monitor conditions and collect data such as fire, gas, smoke, pressure, temperature and heat rate of rise.

The f&g system opportunity ranges from a simple alarm to sophisticated system integrating fire and gas detection devices, logic controls, graphical interface and remote workstation. The capability of simultaneous interface via analog 4-20 MA, RS-485 Modbus RTU and relay contact insures that both new and legacy detectors can be deployed.

  • Drilling and production platforms
  • Offshore & FPSO Platforms
  • Shipping tankers, freighters, and other vessels
  • Fuel loading facilities
  • CNG Filling Stations
  • Refineries, bulk terminals, and tank farms
  • LNG/LPG processing and storage facilities
  • Compressor stations and pipeline facilities
  • Petrochemical, paint, and fertilizer plants
  • Power plants
  • Gas turbine facilities
  • Oil and gas fired boilers / furnaces
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Commerical Spaces (Car Parking, Storage & Warehouse, etc)

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