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General Overview

SGOES is based on infrared gas detection technology. Providing continuous monitoring of pre-explosive concentrations of combustible hydrocarbon gases and vapors, with a rapid response time of less than 5 seconds. SGOES has an explosion proof certified enclosure. SGOES is also certified by international accreditation agencies for SIL-2 rating.

The SGOES possesses a built-in continuous self-check function which will notify you if anything is obstructing the detector’s field of view or if there are circuit integrity problems. The unit comes standard with multiple outputs and you can choose to connect the detector via 4-20mA, RS485, HART or it can relay to your system for reliable communication.

The SGOES Gas Detector measures the concentration of hydrocarbon gases present in a monitored environment. It is configured to report alarms when the gas concentrations in the environment reach the two independently programmable levels, expressed as a percentage of the lower explosive limit (LEL) in air. Its sensor detects and quantifies the presence of hydrocarbons by measuring their absorption of infrared light (IR).

The SGOES is insensitive to the presence in the atmosphere of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide. Ideally suitable for use in the oil and gas industry, as well as other areas where it is necessary to monitor the concentration of hydrocarbons.

The SGOES allows for a seamless calibration process with on-site non-intrusive calibration via magnetic wand or using a HART handheld device.

For those applications where condensation may occur, an internal heater will activate to prevent any damage.

  • Drilling and production platforms
  • Offshore & FPSO Platforms
  • Shipping tankers, freighters, and other vessels
  • Fuel loading facilities
  • CNG Filling Stations
  • Refineries, bulk terminals, and tank farms
  • LNG/LPG processing and storage facilities
  • Compressor stations and pipeline facilities
  • Petrochemical, paint, and fertilizer plants
  • Power plants
  • Gas turbine facilities
  • Transportation facilities (airports and subways)
  • Oil and gas fired boilers / furnaces
  • Environmental regulation monitoring

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