Production Optimization
Well Management System

All oil and gas field operators are continuously attempting to increase production and reduce costs from their assets. Production optimization of wells and reservoirs is an ongoing activity, but sometimes help from outside is needed to get you to the next level. We are here to hep you in achieving that next level.


Our system is not only based on monitoring and modelling, but on real time automated action!

Optimization of oil or gas well operations is achieved by intelligent rate adjustment through various mechanisms which is based on monitoring and processing of well parameters in real time by the control system.

The unique algorithm developed by ESP enables a well to operate at maximum capacity without the fear of sand or particles in the production fluids or gas, spikes or drops in pressure and most importantly it does so without restricting flow downhole, which is less than ideal in low producing wells.

ESP takes care of supply, installation and integration of the entire system so that single point responsibility is always with us and no one else.

Areas of Application and Use

  • Brownfield or Greenfield Projects
  • Oil or Gas Wells
  • Onshore and Offshore

Low Cost

The main deterrent of customers from taking the step and making their assets and facilities intelligent, by means of automation and increased monitoring of processes is the associated high cost that is attributed to it and the idea that this kind of technology can only be implemented in extremely high cost projects.

What makes it possible is that ESP is not only the integrator, but also the hardware components which make up the system are manufactured by ESP, as well as the software and the algorithms that go into it.

Providing a full turnkey solution and a single point of responsibility enables ESP, to offer an extremely cost effective solution.


Technical Benefits:

  • Resolving corrosion/Erosion issues
  • Achieving sand/particle free production
  • Stopping deterioration of reservoir
  • Preserving performance and functionality of equipment
  • Increasing flow rate
  • Real time monitoring and automation

Commercial Benefits:

  • Decrease downtime by 30%*
  • Increase revenue
  • Optimized production settings
  • Low cost of purchase and maintenance

Real Time Data

Without any real time monitoring in place, the operator is always on the back foot. Having data enables the user to get and in depth understanding of the asset and the production in real time.

All the above benefits and functions are enabled by the real time data which is provided by strategically placed sensors and measuring equipments.

Real Time Action

The system offer by ESP is not a passive system, unlike many others currently being offered.

The system is an active system, which is designed to act using the below listed mechanisms in order to attain the goals listed in the benefits sections.

Automation and control of Choke

Automation and control of Steam and Water injection

Automation and control of E.S.P.

Automation and control of S.R.P, Cavity Pump and others


ESP has developed a dedicated software which is easy to use and understand.

The operators automated workplace contains specialized software that allows for the collection, analysis and visualization of current data from a variety of sensors.

The dedicated software will enable the operator to see historical trends which will give him the much needed perspective of the wells behavior in different scenarios.

As the system is not only dedicated to monitoring, controlling functions can also be performed through the software

Global Remote Support via Cloud

ESP provides remote support and consultation services to customers from its global projects offices located in U.S.A, Russia and India.

Providing consultation services and helping choose the best course of action for the user, based on the historical trends recorded.

System Customization

ESP understands that each application is unique and therefore we have developed a customizable solutions for operating even in the most difficult conditions and remote applications.

Below we mention some of the more commonly used solutions, however all will be tailored to your needs and wants.

Battery Powered

Solar Panel Powered

Wireless Signal Transmission

GSM Signal Transmission


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