The electromagnetic, magnetic and ultrasonic PIG detector DSES is designed to detect and register the passage of a pig inside the oil and gas pipeline at locations where the DSES is installed by processing the signals coming from the measuring channels and transmitting the data of passage of the pig to the automated process control system.



How it works

The triple sensing technology provides reliable detection of pigs of any type.

The acoustic pig detector technology can be used on any pig.

DSES is distinguished by incredible noise immunity, which excludes false triggering and skipping of the in-tube object. Convenient mounting of the sensor will shorten the time for installation and further startup.

Principle of the detector operation is measurement of the acoustic noise level generated in ultrasonic range of 100 ... 200 kHz, recording of the electromagnetic signal of the transponder with selectable frequencies and recording the fluctuations of the constant magnetic field.

Conclusion on the passage of the object is done when the thresholds are exceeded by not less than two channels - according to the acoustic (always) and electromagnetic or magnetic. The presence of this or that signal depends on the design of the object.

Levels of generalized threshold values are set by choosing a number of parameters for each channel separately using specialized software.


Areas of use and application

  • Onshore (below and above ground)
  • Offshore

Feature and Benefits

  • Bi Directional
  • Non intrusive mounting
  • Extremely Reliable
  • Compatible Pipe Diameter 300-2500mm
  • Can be installed on all types of steel alloys
  • Low power consumption
  • Option for solar panel or battery connection in remote locations where no power supply is available
  • No calibration required, simply plug and play.


One of the main feature and benefits of this product is that it is based on non intrusive mounting.

Non intrusive mounting means you can install the device without having to shut down an entire pipeline for this process, for any maintenance purposes you are not required to close any of your operations. That means more uptime of your facilities and more profit in the long run.