The Echo Particle Monitor developed by ESP is based on cutting edge technology. It provides critical data which enables the customer to maximize the potential of the facility with the use of particle/sand monitoring in real time, and enabling the user to make swift decisions based on the data received.



How it works

The detector is based on the ultrasonic acoustic principle sensing. The sensing elements pick up the noise generated by particle/sand flow at the time of impact on the inner wall of the pipe. This noise is subsequently processed in the onboard digital processing unit or in the case of the intrinsically safe version of the device transmitted to processing and interfacing unit, installed at the operating/desired location. The sensor data is then transmitted via means of 4-20mA, RS-485, HART and relays.

This detector can be used for oil and gas fields located both onshore and offshore, subsea installations.

Based on real time measuring the detector provides the ultimate benefit to the operator for visualizing and quantifying sand or particle production.

Areas of use and application


  • Onshore and Offshore application
  • Sand Handling Packages
  • All types of Oil and Gas wells


  • Well and Asset Performance Optimization
  • Well Testing
  • Establishing and maintaining MSFR (Maximum Sand Free Rate)
  • Establishing the MASR (Maximum Acceptable Sand Free Rate)
  • Used in Integrated Asset Operating systems
  • Monitoring of sand screen integrity

Feature and Benefits

  • Non intrusive mounting
  • Measure and quantify particle/sand production with only the Echo detector
  • Dedicated software for working with Echo detector
  • Real Time measurement
  • Ultrasonic acoustic principle
  • Best accuracy in the industry
  • Can identify even the smallest particles transport in different mediums
  • All industry standard outputs such as 4-20mA, RS-485, HART and Relays provided for ease of integration into any system.
  • Two models available with processing and interface unit and with onboard signal processing.
  • Extremely high external noise immunity due to ESP developed measuring algorithm.


One of the main feature and benefits of this product is that it is based on non intrusive mounting, whilst not only keeping but increasing the functionality in comparison to intrusive devices.

Non intrusive mounting means you can install the device without having to shut down any process. Also for any maintenance purposes you are not required to close any of your operations. That means more uptime of your facilities and more profit in the long run.